Hungry Meow Development

Hungry Meow
needs YOU!

Be part of 10K HISTORY
NFT decorable character

Adopt adorable Hungry Meow today, treat them enjoyably then you will be rewarded with HEARTs and the ability to breed the Baby Meow to wealth your own fortune.

EARLY adopter gains more gift with no extra condition.

Decorative parts

Hungry Meow is a Customizable NFT character that reflects the value of itself by HEARTs

Main dish

Featured dish with the fancy ingredients!
HEARTs will be fulfilled like a shot!  


Breezy and Healthy drink from the picky recipe!
Your Meows’ moods are up to your serves!

Snack & Sweet

Sweet and Savory leisure by the attentive baker!
Always having room for dessert is our motto!


Custom and Countless attire for the particular event!
Elegant headpieces can make your Meow joyful!

Special items

Who used only a spoon and fork to enjoy the meals?
A variety of utensils are prepared for unique occasions!


The more decorative drops your Meows wear, the more HEARTs it shows on your Meows’ pics!
Design your Meows at your best and let them grow with you.

The Unlock Roadmap

5% adopted unlock

1st Decorative drop x 500

+add Meow's Decorative Collection
as resalable NFT items 

10% adopted unlock

HEARTs revealed

+ HEARTs system activated. Every Meow shows their HEARTs indicator
+ Free 1,000 resalable reward items for every Meow holder as our appreciated

20% adopted unlock

CUSTOM your Meow

+ Activate the decorative system, results shown as HEARTs
+ 2,000 drops of resalable decorative items for every Meow

40% adopted unlock

Mystery Box SHOP opened

+ Mystery box shop opened with limited 5,000 boxes
+ Drop 4,000 resalable decorative gifts for Meow holder

60% adopted unlock

Give your Meow its truly name

+ Able to custom Meow's name and greeting
+ Add more 5,000 Mystery boxes to shop

80% adopted unlock

8,000 resalable items dropped

+ Gain more HEARTs with 8,000 boxes gift drop
+ Add more 5,000 Mystery boxes to the shop

100% adopted unlock

Born! Baby Meow was born!

+ Add Breeding system to create 2nd generation collection
+ The 2nd gen. Meow is the only token to use digital pet "Meowverse" apps and games
+ Every 1st generation Meow got the 10,000 celebrations resalable gift
+ Add 5,000 Mystery boxes to shop

NFT character,

not just
an ordinary Art!

Hungry Meow has abilities to be visually decorated and upgraded to breed the 2nd generation that can be brought holder the wealthiness.

The various type of decorative items will be dropped from time to time and can be used for upgrade or resale. 

You can adjust your Hungry Meow based on numerous wearable items. Creativity is only limited by your imagination! In addition, the more items your Meows wear, the more HEARTs it shows on your Meows’ pics.

Being the initial holders allows you to receive exclusive decorative drops of up to 6 items! Stay tuned for our road map update!

Your Meows are available to wear these awesome drops. Furthermore, the decorative drop gifts can be sold or exchanged with other Meows’ adopters on OpenSea.

We understand that nobody would like to wait for each drop. Feel free to purchase the Mystery Boxes to obtain the random items. Please note that these items are applicable to trade or exchange with other Meows’ adopters on OpenSea!

Once our roadmap proceeds to 100%, we will release the “Breeding”. Get ready to breed the 2nd generation “Baby Meows”!

This is just the beginning of our Meowverse. In the upcoming, there will be the Digital Pet App that allows you to play with your Baby Meow.

Make your Meow Special

Drop gift

Free available gifts for our beloved adopters! You can add these decorative items to your Hungry Meows or trade with other Meows’ owners on OpenSea.

Mystery Box

Additional boxes for the random drops! You can buy fancy items for your Hungry Meows. These items can be sold or exchanged with others on OpenSea, too.

Hungry Meow needs YOU!
waiting to adopt

Frequently Asked Questions

Hungry Meows are available on the Polygon chain. Do not hesitate to purchase them with MATIC!

The initial supporters are always meaningful for us, so we would like to give away our appreciation through the drop gifts listed on our roadmap.

We would like to make them as unique as possible, therefore, all of Hungry Meows’ adopters can feel extraordinary in their separate ways.

You can sell or trade them on OpenSea.  

Let us serve you on our Discord and Twitter 


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