Sunny Dolls collection

demonstration of Rainy Doll, generative NFT arts project. 

Billions of variants

for example, Sunny Dolls made of combination of 10 pieces powered with 21 types of decoration each then they become 21^10 art work possibilities. 

We are selling limited 10,000 of Sunny Dolls those minted every buy event with smart contract.  

Oh, yes, there are multi-level of rarity.

Dolls Holder benefits

  1. every doll is token for future benefit in Rainy Doll project You are also part of the early step of the bigger picture, Rainy Doll project. Follow our Twitter & join Discord to get more chance of the benefits.
  2. You are collecting the limited artwork 
    each art work is unique for its own tribe. wish you have a lucky day.
  3. Early collector get the better price 
    every 100 sells of Sunny Dolls, the price will automatically +0.1 MATIC increased by smart contract.


We hope Sunny Dolls can demonstrate the implementation of Rainy Doll.
You can have some Dolls and experience in the very 1st hand for more opportunity for more advance features by our roadmap 


100 pieces FREE DROP

We will start dropping amount of free Dolls in several channel, time to time.
Take your chance by follow step in our Twitter and join Discord.

start selling on Polygon network for 0.1 MATIC for limited 10,000 total Dolls

pricing will be increased +0.1 for every 100 sells


Each Sunny Doll represents participation of the project as a token.
We will explore unlimited possibilities of token used together.
Sunny Dolls
Check out OpenSea collection

Sunny Dolls is now live in OpenSea. Check them out and you can collect some of them if you like.

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